Thank you for your interest in NCTA!  Now is a great time to start your launch into a career pathway!   You may find up to three different applications on this site.  They are:

1. NCTA Skills Center -- this is the year-long programming for student that will be a junior, senior or extended senior in the fall.   Do not use this form for Summer Session or NCTA Open Doors, as it will not be accepted.  Apply down below by clicking on the MORE button. 

    If you would prefer to use a paper application, please use this link

     The 2022-23 Application will open on February 14, 2022! 

2. NCTA Open Doors -- this is our high school completion (diploma) program for students that have demonstrated success in the NCTA Skills Center but are likely not going to reach a diploma by the age of 21 through their comprehensive or alternative high school.  If you're interested in NCTA Open Doors, email Mr. Donaldson at  CLICK HERE to Apply to NCTA Open Doors.

3. OPEN NCTA Summer Session --  Please check back in May 2022 for the Summer Session Application! 

If you're not sure what program or application to use, please don't hesitate to reach out at or by phone at 360 848-0706.


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